Reset your family's routines, schedules and homework habits

Is your family struggling with Distance Learning? This course will help you identify problems and implement solutions. Your family will experience a quick turnaround that will reset your home life. Our videos, manual and family friendly files provide everything you need to create a successful home learning environment.

Now's the time! Turn your life around in just ten days.

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Ten Day Turnaround

Make your life with Distance Learning easier and bring peach back to your home.

  • Reset your family's routines and practices.
  • Establish easy to follow schedules.
  • Solve technology glitches with ease.
  • Handle homework meltdowns with success.

Your child can overcome the struggles and challenges of Distance Learning

The goal of the Ten Day Turnaround is for all children to learn successfully at home. We aim to support you and provide answers to your concerns about your child. Come along with us for this exciting journey.